Submitting a Ticket for Technical Support

Submitting a Ticket for Technical Support

If you're having trouble with an issue in WebDrive and can't find a solution:

1. Go to the support desk:
2. Sign up and/or sign-in, and then submit a support ticket.

If applicable, generate a log file in WebDrive and send over for review along with the description of the issue you are noticing:

1. Disconnect any connected sites in WebDrive.
2. Go to the main App Settings and click on the Logging menu to Enable Logging and set the level to "Debug".
3. Reconnect the site in WebDrive.
4. Reproduce the issue. Take a screenshot of the issue/error if possible. Then, disconnect the site in WebDrive.
5. Go to the main App Settings and click on the Logging menu and then click the Arrow Icon for "View Logs". Then, find the latest log file for the site noticing the issues, zip/compress the file for size, and then attach it to the ticket for review.

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