Speed up slow UNC access in WebDrive

Speed up slow UNC access in WebDrive

If you are experiencing long delays when using UNC paths or Microsoft office applications it could be because of a slow UNC timeout. Sometimes when an application attempts to open a UNC path like "\\WebDrive\<sitename>\Myfile.doc", the standard LAN redirector can timeout trying to contact \\webdrive server. To get around this you can add an entry in the lmhosts file for WebDrive.

Create a text file named "lmhosts" (no extension) (if it doesn't already exist) with the following line in it: WebDrive

and place this in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.

Then check your NETWORK Connections "TCP/IP properties / Advanced / Wins / Enable LMHosts lookup" and make sure that is enabled.

Then reboot your system to see if UNC access is faster.

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