Service Settings

Service Settings

In WebDrive, capabilities exist to connect to the desired server and allow access to this drive to Services and other Users.

To access these settings, go to the main App Settings, scroll down, and enable "Show all settings". 
Then, edit the settings for the site you've created, open the "Advanced" dropdown menu, and scroll down to Service Settings.

The first Service Setting option allows the connection to the server to be accessed by all users and services on the system. This would allow services to access the mapped drive, and would also allow other users logged into the same computer to access.

The second Service Setting option allows the connection to the server to be available before a user is logged into the computer. In this case, it would allow for the mapping to be available, and any automation to occur, without a user needing to log into the local system. This utilizes the Task Scheduler, and so a prompt will be displayed to enter credentials with this level of access. If wanting a service to access the connection without a user logged in, be sure to also enable the first service setting.

The third Service Setting allows sharing a connection to the server across the network. This, by default, will enable the first service setting as well, as all users and services will be able to access on the local system as well. Users can map to the connection using: 


W: is a sample of a drive letter to use for the mapping -- %COMPUTERNAME% is the name of the system sharing the site, and sitename is the name of the connection to the server (as named on the system sharing the site).
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