Select TLS Versions

Select TLS Versions

Select Versions of TLS to Allow and Disallow in WebDrive


How do I choose which versions of TLS to allow or disallow for connections made using WebDrive?


TLS versions to be used or disallowed can be selected by editing the Advanced settings for a site connection created in WebDrive.


  1. In the main app Settings, scroll down and ensure that “Show all settings” is enabled.

  2. A site connection to a server must have been created in WebDrive.


  1. Locate the connection you have created in the WebDrive user interface.

  2. Click on the “gear” icon to the right side of the connection.

  3. Click on the “Advanced” dropdown menu.

  4. Scroll down to the section for “TLS Protocols”.

  5. Check boxes for the versions of TLS you would like to support using when connecting to the selected server.

  6. Uncheck boxes for the versions of TLS you would not like to support using when connecting to the selected server.


  1. The server must support at least 1 of the TLS versions enabled in WebDrive for the connection to succeed.
  2. SFTP connections do not utilize TLS, so this option is not available for SFTP sites.
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