Recover File from Cache

Recover File from Cache

Recover a File from Cache


In WebDrive, can I recover files from the cache?  


Yes, you can recover files from cache.


  1. If you do not find the FileCache folder in that location, then either the Cache has been cleared out (removed), or the Cache Folder location has been changed. This location can be found in the main App Settings under the “Folder Locations” dropdown menu in WebDrive.

  1. The cached items will be listed separate by the name of the site connection in WebDrive. Enter the desired folder.

  2. Cached items are split into Files and Folders. The Folders contain cached directory listings, so most likely the Files folder is of interest. Enter this folder.

  3. Cached files listed are simply raw files. The files are numbered, so it may take trial and error to identify which file is of interest. Change the name and extension of the files to recover as the desired file type.

  4. The database file “cachedatabase.db” can be read with a program such as DB Browser for SQLite.

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