Mac Activation Error - Caught Exception

Mac Activation Error - Caught Exception

Mac Activation Error – Caught Exception


I installed WebDrive on my Mac, and when I try to activate the product, I see an error of Caught Exception. Why is this happening, and what can I do?


This error occurs if during the installation process, a folder was not created, or the proper permissions were not set. This may be caused by a permissions problem from the user account installing WebDrive.


This item can be manually resolved by the logged in user on the Mac system. Steps to take are below:


  1. By default, the location of the license file (wdlicense.json) will be here. Check if this location exists: ~/.config/WebDrive

  2. If the WebDrive folder exists within the .config folder, ensure the permissions are set to full permissions for the user

  3. If the WebDrive folder does not exist, please create this folder inside of the .config folder location

  4. Restart the computer and then attempt to activate WebDrive once again

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