Location is not Available

Location is not Available

Location is Not Available Error


What do I do if I am receiving a Location Not Available error when trying to connect a site in WebDrive?


This error means that Windows is failing to connect to the chosen drive letter using the user account that is running WebDrive.


  1. Ensure that the drive letter selected for use is not in use by another application or otherwise unavailable.
  2. In WebDrive, in the main App Settings, enable “Automatically select drive letter to use”, and then try again. This will have WebDrive automatically select an available drive letter if the selected drive letter is unavailable.
  3. If the issue remains, ensure that WebDrive is not being Run as Administrator, as this would attempt to map the drive in a different context than the logged in user and would fail with the mentioned error.
  1. Check the webdrive.exe application file in the Program Files for WebDrive. Right-click on the file and ensure that Run as Administrator (or elevated) is not enabled. If it is, disable it, and then try running WebDrive again.
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