Large Scale Deployment

Large Scale Deployment

Large Scale Deployment of WebDrive


How can I preconfigure WebDrive and then push installs to users’ systems? 


This will be useful in any combination of the below scenarios:

Installing and activating WebDrive for many end users. 

          Installation with a valid Registration Code (license) can be pushed and automatically installed and activated for all desired users instead of manual install and activation on each system.

Preconfiguring settings for WebDrive for a group or for all users. 

          App-wide settings can be set by an Administrator and then passed along with the default installation of WebDrive. 

Preconfiguring user interface menus, settings, or server connections options available to users. 

          Specific settings, options, and entire menus can be removed from view in the user interface so users cannot change these values.

Preconfiguring a specific connection to a server for a group or for all users. 

          Connections to specific servers can be configured as desired by an Administrator for default use by users upon install.


  1. Create a working folder for the installer and default options. Place the installer in the folder and also create a folder named “defaults” – all lowercase.

  2. See the steps, details, and options available in the guide here: WebDrive Customization and Deployment Guide

  3. Deploy the final customized installation to end users. 

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