WebDrive Opens as Blank White Screen

WebDrive Opens as Blank White Screen

Empty White Screen when WebDrive launches


Why is WebDrive opening as a blank white screen?


A portion of WebDrive either did not install properly or cannot be accessed by the logged in user. Try the items suggested below. Continue down the Steps as needed until a resolution is reached.


  1. Attempt a Reinstall or Repair Install of WebDrive. Restart the computer after the install.

  2. As a test, provide the user with full permissions to the %localappdata%\WebDrive folder (and subfolders).

  1. Re-run WebDrive and see if it now opens properly.

  1. If utilizing AppSense Application Control (or related), you may need an exception is blocking a creation in the temp folder

  1. For example: %temp%\*.tmp.node

  2. During the install, this location is leveraged and WebDrive needs to be able to access this user’s temp folder

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