KB -- SFTP V3 European Character Set

KB -- SFTP V3 European Character Set

SFTP Umlaut Support for European Characters


How do I support umlauts for European characters?


By default, this is supported when using SFTP V4 or above (server-side configuration). 

If the server does not support SFTP V4, then follow the steps below to enable support when using SFTP V3


  1. Disconnect your SFTP site in WebDrive

  2. By default, the installation location for settings etc. in Windows Explorer is %localappdata%\WebDrive

  1. Please navigate to this location and then open the "sites" folder. Here, find the site you've created

  1. Open the .json file in a text editor, like Notepad

  2. Scroll down or search for "ConnectorConfig". The value is likely an empty string. Edit the value to be: 

  1. "ConnectorConfig": "charset=iso-8859-1",

  1. Save the file and close it. Reboot the computer if desired or if step 6 fails on the first attempt

  2. Connect your site again and the characters should display properly, and files should be able to be accessed

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