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WebDrive is not connecting at startup. How can I make the drive connect automatically?


WebDrive has methods available for connecting at startup.


  1. Open WebDrive and click on the gear icon to open the main Settings

  2. In the main App Settings for WebDrive, enable "Run at startup"

  3. Edit the settings for the server connection you've made in WebDrive (gear icon next to the site you’ve created and named), and ensure that "Automatically connect at Login" is enabled

  4. Restart the computer. If this does not result in the drive being connected at startup, continue: 

  5. Search your computer and/or System Settings for "Startup Apps". Ensure that WebDrive is listed and set to On. If this does not result in the drive being connected at startup, continue:

  6. In the main App Settings for WebDrive, enable "Show all settings"

  7. Edit the settings for the server connection you've made in WebDrive, open the "Advanced" dropdown, scroll down and try turning on the first two options under Service Settings and then restart the computer: 

  1. Make this drive available to all users and services on this computer

  2. Connect drive before user login -- when enabling this setting you will be prompted for Admin permissions to be able to create a Scheduled Task to map the drive before login

If the issue remains, please submit a support ticket from the https://webdrive.com website for further assistance.

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