I receive an error that Windows can't access this disc. What do I do?

I receive an error that Windows can't access this disc. What do I do?

Error: Windows can't access this disc.

Meaning: Windows is unable to connect and display the contents of the drive letter

      1. Restart the computer and attempt the connection again. If the issue remains, try either Resolution 2 or 3:
      2. Edit the settings for the site connection, assign a different drive letter, and then try the connection again.
      3. In the main application Settings, enable "Automatically select drive letter to use", and then try the connection again.
                  NOTE: The drive letter used may not be the letter assigned to the connection. This setting has WebDrive first attempt the assigned drive letter for the connection. If it fails, WebDrive will determine and select an available drive letter to use for the connection.

      4. If you are using FSLogix, or attempted the steps above and the issue remains, the problem may be that the Cache Folder or Log Folder location cannot be written to. In this case, change the location for these folders to ensure they are in a location that the currently logged in user can Read and Write. (ex. C:\Desktop folder or C:\Desktop\WebDrive)
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