HP Computer Mapped Drive or Performance Issues - HP Wolf Security

HP Computer Mapped Drive or Performance Issues - HP Wolf Security

HP – Mapped Drive Issues or Performance Problems


I have a new HP computer and am now seeing some issues or inconsistencies with my connection to WebDrive or use of specific settings that worked for me before. What has happened?


If the version of WebDrive remains the same as before, and the settings are all the same as before, the issue may be a new security program that HP loads onto their new systems by default – HP Wolf Security, which is part of HP Sure Sense. 

The security provided by this application is robust; however, many systems already have an antivirus running, and having more than one can cause sluggishness and conflicts over which application should be protecting the computer. Check with an Administrator, or check the local computer, to see if the issue may be conflicting security products or even HP Wolf Security alone.

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