2019: How do I use SyncBackSE to schedule a backup job to a WebDrive drive?

2019: How do I use SyncBackSE to schedule a backup job to a WebDrive drive?

When using the SyncBackSE scheduler you need to configure the job in SyncBackSE to run under the same NT user account that you created your WebDrive site profile in. Make sure you enter a password as well as this is required for the Windows scheduler. 

By default the command line passed to the Windows scheduler by SyncBackSE will look like the following

"C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackSE\SyncBackSE.exe" -m "YourSyncBackJob"

where "YourSyncBackJob" is the job you created in SyncBackSE. If you plan on running this scheduled job while being logged in this will work as is. However if you schedule it to run at, for instance, system startup or nightly after logging out you will need to change this command line to a batch file that you will need to create in a text editor. The batch file will consist of 3 lines as follows:

start /wait /D"c:\program files\webdrive" webdrive.exe /s:"YourWebDriveSiteName"

"C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackSE\SyncBackSE.exe" -m "YourSynBackJob"

net use W: /d

The first line will use command line paramters in WebDrive to map the drive letter. The second line is the standard way to run the scynback job. The last line simply disconnects the drive.

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