FTP or FTPS Connection Fails

FTP or FTPS Connection Fails

FTP or FTPS Connection Failing or Listing as Empty Contents


Using WebDrive, my FTP(S) connection is failing. What should I do?


Below are some items to test to try to resolve a failed FTP or FTPS connection. 


  1. Verify the URL/IP Address and port number to use for the connection

  2. Verify the credentials and connection configuration [PASV vs PORT – Implicit vs AUTH (Explicit)]

  3. Verify if another client software can connect successfully using the same information (e.g. FileZilla, Cyberduck, etc.)

  1. If another app also fails, consider verifying the above information again, or check with your Administrator, as there may be a server-side issue

  1. Verify if the connection is through a proxy server

  1. If so, edit the Proxy Server Settings from the main Settings menu in WebDrive

  1. If the connection is successful, but the site appears empty, manually configure WebDrive to use EPSV instead of PASV

  1. Disconnect any sites in WebDrive and exit WebDrive.

  2. Open Windows Explorer on your computer and navigate to:

  1. %localappdata%\WebDrive\sites

  1. Edit the .json file for the site in question. Either edit ConnectorConfig value if it already exists, or add it as below:

  1. "ConnectorConfig": "UseEPSV=1",

  1. Save and exit the .json file for the site.

  2. Open WebDrive and attempt to connect the site.

  1. If the issue remains after attempting each of these steps, please submit a support ticket to the support team for further assistance in resolving this connection issue in WebDrive.

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