2019 Distribute WebDrive 2019 or older with preset reg code - large scale deployment - customization

2019 Distribute WebDrive 2019 or older with preset reg code - large scale deployment - customization

The distribution of a multi-seat WebDrive license can be simplified by pre-configuring the registration code. To do this, you will need to download WebDrive, create a file named appsetup.ini, and place it in the same folder as the WebDrive executable.

Add a single line to the file:


...where "YOUR REGCODE" is replaced with a valid WebDrive registration code.

When the WebDrive installation executable is executed to install WebDrive, the appsetup.ini file will be read and the registration code will be pre-configured into the application. The user can then activate the license by selecting "Activate License" from the splash screen on the first execution of the program. The reg code will already be entered in the dialog box on the next page.

If you wish to force the program to automatically activate during the installation, add the following line to the setup file:

Please note that an active internet connection is required for automatic activation to succeed. If the activation is successful, the program will execute in its full operational status without activation reminders. If WebDrive is unable to activate, the default WebDrive activation splash screen will be displayed and the program will continue to run in trial mode.

Additionally, network administrators may want to turn off the "Check For Program Update" feature when installing multi-seat / enterprise wide licenses. This feature enables an end user to periodically check and download the latest revision of WebDrive during the maintenance period. This capability may not be desirable in larger installations where PCs are maintained by a central group.

To turn off the "Check For Program Update" feature, add the following line to the initialization file named above: 


For more information on pre-configuring and mass deploying WebDrive, see our guides:

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