Blank Black Screen after Install

Blank Black Screen after Install

Issue: Blank Black Screen after Install

Meaning: This occurs when Windows Explorer fails to restart during the installation process, and most likely occurs during an initial, first installation of WebDrive. The installation of WebDrive likely succeeded.

As part of the installation, Windows Explorer is exited, and then subsequently restarted later on.

This blank screen can happen if the installation credentials are not the same as the logged in user, resulting in Windows Explorer having been stopped by a different user account. When this happens, the user account that is currently logged in does not have Windows Explorer running any longer, as it was not restarted in this user's session (context) after it was stopped.

Resolution Options:

      1. Manually restart Windows Explorer or restart the computer

      2. Before the installation of WebDrive on any subsequent systems, make this setting change so that WebDrive will not stop Explorer as part of the installation process. You'll want to restart the computer after the install.

                  If the registry key "NextGenUpgraded" doesn't exist, the install will involve an exit and restart of Windows Explorer. This happens to get the shell extensions loaded for WebDrive. Otherwise, you would see a bunch of "X" icons in Windows Explorer as icons for files and folders until you restart the computer.

                  Open registry editor (regedit) and navigate to this location:

ยท       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\South River Technologies\WebDrive

                  To keep Explorer from being exited and restarted, create a key and name it NextGenUpgraded. Set the value to 1 and then restart the computer. Then, run the install. After the install completes successfully, restart the computer.

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