Amazon S3 Connection Fails with an Error

Amazon S3 Connection Fails with an Error

If your Amazon S3 connection fails with an error such as NoSuchBucket or other connect failed error, here are some possibilities: 

1. Verify your Amazon connection information, bucket name, and credentials to use
2. Attempt to connect to the top level site (don't select any specific buckets to connect to initially).
3. In the settings for your site, click on the "Advanced Settings" dropdown and enable the option to support legacy naming conventions. This will allow older bucket naming conventions to work in WebDrive.
4. If your connection is an S3-Compatible storage or other specific endpoint, in the settings for your site, click on the "Advanced Settings" dropdown and enter the proper URL in the Custom Server URL entry.

If the issue remains, submit a support ticket to the help desk and include a screenshot of what you are seeing and also a Debug level log file (main Settings --> Logging): WebDrive Support Portal

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